{ Design Process }

Since the main focus is with small businesses we usually have to be very efficient with budget, time and value. We have expertise in a wide variety of media from video editing, Graphic Design, Signage, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Android app development and many, many more. The direction and focus of GBDM will always be Web Design and Online Marketing and we want to be the best value in small business.

Budget: We know that small businesses need to be very careful with where and how they invest in there business and our goal at GBDM is for your website to be the best investment you make dollar for dollar.

Time: When we say time we mean both our time and your time. If you need to invest too much time in building your website then you’re getting pulled away from dealing with other aspects of your business and we know your time is important. We know what questions to ask and how to make the design process fast and easy for you. We have a flexible schedule, provide online meetings, video tutorials and are available in person, on the phone, text and of course email.

Value: We take pride in everything we do and give 110% for each of our clients. We aren’t a fortune 500 company but if you compare us to other web development agencies Green by Design Marketing will usually cost 60% less and still build a better quality site. Our average budget is from $400 to $950.

{ Support & Growth }

Web developers have the terrible reputation of being hard to reach and disappearing once the website is built. At GBDM in our mission statement from the beginning was to provide continued consistent support for our clients and their needs as their business grows and changes. Would you like to know that the person that built your website will still be available in 5, 10 or 20 years from now? If you choose to give us the opportunity to work with you; you have our promise that we will be here to support your website and online marketing needs in the future.

{ Feature Rich & Easy to Use }

There are way too many features to list here but basically if you can dream it then I can probably build it. The important thing is how it’s built. Will it be easy for you to use and maintain? Will it use your time efficiently or like so many small businesses will you update your blog then facebook, then twitter then your email newsletter. What if you only had to update your website and could schedule when your update went out everywhere? What if you could plan those updates for the next 3 months and set on autopilot? Technology is supposed to help use make life easier and a good website can help organize small business.

{ Jason has now built over 100 Websites! }