Website Marketing and Online Marketing

Website Marketing and Online Marketing

There are way to many ways to Market your website online. I'm going to keep an updated list of things that I believe almost every business should have imho.

Google+ Page: Free

This is how your buisiness will show up in the maps area under a Google search. Google has been combining "Google Places" and "Google Pages" so it can be a little confusing. This is an easy way for your business to appear on the first page of Google in a local business search.

Facebook Page: Free

You should know what this is. Just a tip it's not your personal profile. You can pay to boost your posts on your page as well to get more views. Give good quality, unique and relevent posts that people will either like, share or comment or don't post it.

Yelp Page: Free

Don't pay for a upgraded Yelp page it's not worth it. The free account is good and Yelp has a big following of users. It's difficult to build reviews but a few good reviews is all you need.

Google Adwords: $50 Monthly + Ad Budget you choose

This is the paid advertising on it's one of the few paid advertising I really believe in and I have seen good results for my clients. Call me for more info 714-594-9582.

Youtube Channel: Free

Youtube is the second largest search! People love videos and google also shows videos in their search results. Make simple relevent videos and people will watch.

Network Marketing: Price varies

As a web developer there is tons of competition in the world but most people still trust a friends referral more then a website review. Networking is a way to meet other businesses and help refer each other business. It's also great as a business owner to meet with other motivated business owners.

Some Others to Consider:

If you have something that you used and would work for most small businesses please feel free to email me and I will add it to the list.

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